Thursday, April 28, 2011

Responses! We've got responses!

Planning a wedding is kind of a curious thing.  You basically spend a year (or more!) deciding on everything from the biggest events to the tiniest details of one single day.  And it's usually a few people making those plans for a whole group!

The larger group doesn't get involved until the fateful day upon which you send out the invitations.  Now, suddenly, all those very abstract plans are dependent on people on the guest list.

Since we sent out the invitations on Monday, we knew that pretty soon we'd begin receiving those sweet little response cards that let us know who will be attending the wedding.  And today was that day!  How exciting it was to see those first two cards in the mailbox!!

Each envelope is like a little mystery solved:  who will be joining us on the big day?  While we have a fairly good idea of who to expect, we know there could be some surprises.  After all, most of our guests are coming from out of town, and it's impossible to predict everyone's plans with accuracy.

We do know one thing:  not everyone who is invited will be able to join us.  While that makes us sad, we understand.  We will miss everyone who isn't with us, but we know you'll be with us in spirit.

And if you are coming to the wedding. . .we can't wait to see you!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Moving Right Along

One of the drawbacks of the wedding coming along so quickly is that I don't have a lot of time to WRITE about what's going on.  But rest assured that we are still crossing things off the wedding white board on an almost daily basis.

Our biggest list accomplishment happened on Monday:  THE WEDDING INVITATIONS ARE MAILED!!  When Dev dropped those envelopes--stuffed, stamped and sealed--into the mailbox, it was with a sense of accomplishment and anticipation.  Now comes the fun part of waiting for the response cards.  I remember those days from my own wedding. . .

We're filling up our May calendar with appointments and meetings, getting everything ready for the big day. 

Keep watching the blog for more regular updates!