Monday, September 13, 2010

The great DJ search

Since we've covered most of the big items in wedding planning--church, reception venue, caterer, photographer--we're left with just a few important bookings.  One of those is the disc jockey.

If you've been to a wedding with a DJ, you know that he or she can really make or break the event.  DJs are the unofficial masters of ceremony, in charge of announcements, the spot light events like first dances and cake cutting. . .and what makes a good disc jockey depends on what the bride and groom want and need.  Some couples prefer a loud and boisterous MC who works hard to keep the guests on the dance floor and the party moving.  Others are looking for someone more low key.

I know that for us, finding the right person is going to be very important.  Devyn and Greg are both very passionate about music, and they're both pretty low key people.  Finding a DJ who meshes well with Devyn's personality and her needs could be a tricky thing.

It's a delicate balance; we love to hear other people's recommendations, but since not every person is looking for the same things in a disc jockey, we don't know if what works for one couple will work for us.

We think we've found a few possibilities, but we won't know for sure until next month.  

In other planning news, we've been looking at centerpieces, bridesmaids gowns and hotels for the guests.  It's fun to muse over these things while we have the time!  

And speaking of fun. . lest you think that it's all serious around here. . .check out this week's wedding goals:


  1. I'm so happy there will be a ritual goat sacrifice - you just don't see them at weddings anymore!