Thursday, February 17, 2011

The MOB Dress

There are a few things that are still looming large on our infamous wedding white board.  One of those items is the locating and buying of my dress.

Have you checked out dresses for mothers of brides lately?  It's not pretty, folks.  I was pretty depressed by what I saw before we were seriously shopping.  Lots of wide dresses. . .lots of very matronly jackets over long crepe dresses.  Lots of dresses that you might see on the queen of England. (No offense, your majesty.)

Devyn and I set out on Monday with cautiously high hopes.  We went to Seminole Town Center, which is in Sanford, about 30 minutes north of us.  I'd had good luck there in the spring, when Haley and Catie were looking for dance dresses. 

At first, the pickings looked pretty slim.  We saw one dress that looked pretty perfect, until we checked out the price tag.  Still, I tried it on. . .to our secret relief, it really wasn't the perfect dress.  The sash was awkward and the length wasn't right.  I tried on two more, and the second dress was indeed THE dress.  The color, the style and fit were all perfect. 

Dev and I are both relieved to cross that off the list, and I'm excited to know what I'm wearing on the big day.

Today we reserved the tuxes for the guys. . .wow, it's amazing how fast these things are coming together! Just a few more decisions to finalize and we'll be all set.

And it's a good thing, because we're now down to 121 days.

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