Friday, February 25, 2011

The Times, They Are A-Running

If you've never planned a wedding, you might not have experienced the phenomena of the wedding time warp.  (And if you begin singing the song in your head, go ahead. . .I'll wait. . .)

See, you begin planning a wedding, and it seems like a vague, distant event, probably a year or so away.  It's so theoretical.  Even when you do some very concrete things, like booking the reception site or buying a dress, it doesn't seem quite real. 

I guess it's kind of like being pregnant with your first child.  You see the positive sign on the test, the doctor confirms, you start throwing up, but the whole idea of a baby is still so theoretical.  You buy some baby clothes and furniture, and you even feel the baby kick, but it doesn't feel real until you realize those last few weeks of pregnancy (and for some people, maybe not even until the baby arrives). 

I've been watching the wedding countdown dwindle.  I can see that more and more items are getting wiped off the wedding white board.  And then yesterday, I realized that by the time we return from our trip to NJ for Dev's first wedding shower, the wedding count will be UNDER 100 days.  UNDER.  As in, less than. 

Now it's sinking in. 

We're also seeing reality sink in when we're dealing with wedding professionals.  The people who six months ago only wanted the vaguest details in order to reserve the date now want us to make those little decisions (which song should be played when? What color table linen?).  We had an appointment this week with the dj at the reception site, and as I wandered the bride's room upstairs, it hit me that very shortly we'll be the ones using that room.

As things begin happening more quickly, I'll be updating this blog more regularly.  And I'll be sharing my feelings and insights as usual, but I'll also be including some concrete information designed for the wedding guests.  If you have any questions, certainly check in here or at Devyn's wedding website which is linked below.

We're savoring these days.  Enjoy them along with us!

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