Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sleepless Nights!

I kinda-sorta remember my own bridal days.  It was 24 years ago, so it might be a little hazy, but I really don't recall losing any sleep over the whole event.  I think I probably slept the sleep of the young and clueless, happily expecting that it would all magically just work out.  (It did, but I am thinking it might not have been so magically!!)

I wish I could ask my mother whether she slept like a baby in the month leading up to my wedding.  From my present experience, I'm thinking. . .maybe not.

For instance, it's a little after 7 AM.  I've been up since. . .oh, four?  I lay in bed for about an hour, tossing and determined to go BACK TO SLEEP. . .I need more than four hours a night, right? But in the words of the advertisement, I couldn't turn off my restless mind.  I kept thinking of something else that I needed to address, some other task, some other errand. . .

Finally, I came out here to the sofa with my book and computer.  I figure if sleep isn't coming, I'm not going to chase it.  Instead I've been on the rose site, getting ready to order some flowers. . .answering email. . .looking for a Michael's location that I haven't hit yet. . .

I'm not nervous about the wedding, nor do I think that the day will be ruined if I forget one detail.  But it's impossible NOT to worry a little about some of the big things we've still got to tackle--even if we have a plan and supplies, I'm getting antsy about getting it all done.

But it will happen.  I'm blessed with lots of help and creative minds and willing hands.  We'll bring it together!

So. . YAWN. . .on that note. . .wake me up before noon. . .

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