Sunday, June 12, 2011

T Minus SIX DAYS!!

I have been so remiss about updating my blogs. . hmm, I wonder why?  Could it be that the month before a wedding is really as crazy as everyone has warned me?

Well, yes and no.  The truth is that we have been running around and doing wedding related stuff many days, but we've also been having fun!  The month of May and early June meant that Devyn was finished school but not yet working full-time during the weekdays yet.  So we took advantage of that time to go to the beach, to Disney World, take day trips and just generally have fun.

It's kept us sane, I think.  We might talk flowers and music as we drive, but we're still doing something that is not necessarily related to the big day.

So where do we stand at this point, less than a week before the wedding?

We're actually doing really well.  Everything that needs to fall into place has, and if it hasn't, we've decided it's not that important and we've dropped it.  There is incredible freedom in remembering that no one element is going to make or break that day.

Someone said to me a few weeks ago, "I hope that day is absolutely perfect."  And it struck me that this is a completely unreasonable wish.  It's not going to be perfect in the sense that everything will go precisely as we've planned.  What will make it perfect is a sense of humor and reasonable expectations.

So that's what we're aiming for at this point.  We're looking forward to a day celebrating love, commitment and family. 

In the nitty gritty details, the dresses are all ready, the accessories are set, the parties are planned and the flowers are ordered.  We're doing fun stuff like labeling water bottles (yes, really) and setting up a wedding gift display (old school!). 

Stay tuned--I'll try to update all week, even if briefly, and keep you posted on all the fun!  If you're getting ready to head to Orlando, we can't wait to see you.  Be safe and get ready for a good time.

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