Friday, July 22, 2011

When It's Over

I have been meaning to write a wrap up for this blog for the past month.  Devyn and Greg celebrated their one month anniversary this past Monday, and I think it's taken me this long to process it all.

The day was absolutely beautiful.  The sun shone, the church was decorated perfectly. . .the bride was breathtaking. (This is not the best picture below, but we're still waiting for the professional ones!!

Were there glitches?  Of course there were.  I was waiting for what didn't go right, and in the end, it wasn't anything big, just a ring that didn't make it to the church right on time.  But it got there, and the ceremony was just perfect.  The most wonderful thing to me was watching Devyn and Greg's faces as they recited their vows and made those eternal promises.

The reception was also lovely.  It was a celebration of love and family and how all those things make life make sense.

I'll write more detailed posts soon.

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