Thursday, August 5, 2010

First things first

So, we're planning a wedding.  What's the first thing that has to be tackled?

For us, it was the church.  We called the church office with several possible dates in June, and we were prepared to be flexible.  To our joy and amazement, the entire month was open.  We had our pick of dates!

Dev and Greg chose June 18th for a few reasons.  First, it's late enough in the month that most kids will be out of school, making it easier for our school teacher friends and family to travel, not to mention those whose kids are still in school.  Second, it's far enough removed from other big events in 2011 that we'll have some breathing space.  And lastly, although maybe most important, my parents' anniversary was June 19th.  They were married for forty years before they passed away, and they gave us all a wonderful example of a strong marriage.  That weekend has good karma!

Next on our list is finding a venue for the reception.  If I still lived in New Jersey, I'd know where to go.  But here in Florida, it's a little more complicated.  We have a list of places to check out.

It's so confusing, though!  Some of the venues include catering.  Others have a list of caterers from whom you must choose.  Some include tables, chairs and linens.  Others don't.  Trying to keep track of each one can make my head spin.

We visited one.  It was a very reasonable option, and I knew why as soon as we went in.  It was rough.  I tried to keep an open mind through substandard service to some truly awful food.  We all agreed it was a non-starter.

Our first big push wedding planning day will be next Thursday, when we visit several venues and meet with caterers.  I'm thinking I'll need a large glass of wine at the end of the day.

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