Thursday, August 12, 2010

The hunt is on: Day One

Today was the first day of searching for wedding venues, caterers and the like.  Devyn and I set out this morning with determination and high hopes.

I should back up a little.  Last night, I hung up a skirt and top to wear today.  I had searched my closet for just the right outfit.  The skirt I chose was sedate and the top was quite grown up.  The perfect outfit for the MOB on the first day of official wedding planning, right?

I woke up this morning and realized that I'd fallen into the trap I want to avoid.  Why was I trying to fit into the stereotype of a MOB?  I exchanged the skirt and top for one of my favorite J.Crew knit dresses in--of course--lavendar.  I felt better about myself and the day immediately!

We had three appointments:  two venues and one tasting at a caterer's.  We started out at a venue that we considered questionable from the beginning; its package was both more than we needed and less than we needed.  When we arrived, the location was an immediate strike against it.  The size was adequate, but other than that, it didn't give us the right vibe.

Next we headed to the caterer's; they'd been recommended to us by homeschool friends.  We weren't really sure what to expect from a tasting, but when we went into the restaurant--Bagel King--everything smelled delicious.  We were directed to a table in the back, and a few minutes later, Stacie appeared with plates of food, silverware and small plates.  And every time she disappeared into the kitchen, she came out with more food!

Each dish was better than the last.  We tried three entrees, several appetizers and a dessert.  Stacie was laid back and easy to work with; she gave us advice and ideas, and we were very impressed with her.  Booking that company was not a hard decision! The fact that she sent us home with all the extra food an a big bag of bagels was icing on the cake.

After the tasting, we headed over to venue #2.  This was one that we'd like from the beginning, but it is a little pricier and again, it includes many things we don't need or want.  It was truly beautiful, but it still didn't feel right.  

We then did some drive-bys for three other venues.  The first two were very disappointing, but then. . the angels sang!  The last venue was lovely.  I peeked inside (against rules) and it was perfect.  We hurried across the street to make an appointment to see it officially.  Dev will go on Thursday.  Our fingers are crossed that it stays available until then! 

But we feel as though we accomplished quite a bit today.  It was a good day, fun for just Dev and me to ride around and discuss options.  I'm very blessed that she is sensible and open-minded.

Once we have the venue secured, I think we'll all feel settled!

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