Thursday, August 5, 2010

No bridezillas here

Horrible monster brides seem to be everywhere these days.  I watch quite a few wedding shows when time allows, and I'm appalled at the attitudes!  These girls think that wearing a white dress gives them the right to demand everything they've ever wanted. . think again, ladies!

A wedding is a wonderful thing.  I love them!  But let's put it all in perspective. It's a special day, yes, but it's only one day out of all the days of your life.  I'm not even sure it's the most important day of a marriage.

To understand what a wedding IS, it's probably important to clarify what it is NOT.  It's not a day to impress your friends or your family.  It's not a day to prove to everyone you know that you were able to snag a spouse despite indications to the contrary.  It's not a day to showcase your physical attributes or your financial blessings.  It's not a day to show your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend that you really ARE over him/her.  It's not an excuse to get so drunk that you can't walk across the dance floor.  It's not a time to smear wedding cake all over your new husband/wife.  It's not a day to try to repair huge family rifts or to confront family members with whom you have a grievance.

So what is a wedding?  It's a time to publicly acknowledge the love and commitment between two people who have already demonstrated evidence of that love.  It's a day for families to celebrate, because in many ways marriage is the most basic building block of a family.  It's a day to remember those who have helped two people on their way to this commitment.  It's a day to express love and appreciation to our friends and family who have helped make this occasion happen. It's a day to show the world the very best of who you can be.

I am very blessed by my daughter bride.  Devyn is a very frugal person, and that has translated into a smart and savvy bride.  She's good about looking for the simplest and best way of doing things.  Although she is working full time AND going to school full time this summer, she's shouldered most of the initial burden of making phone calls and writing emails.  She's appreciative of the work that I do.

We're lucky too that we share many of the same views and have similar tastes.  We know what we like, and although I am sure we're going to have differences of opinion along the way, I think we'll be able to handle them.

So no bridezillas here.  Yes, sometimes we can be a little stressed, but we're trying to keep it all in perspective.

After all, on June 19th the wedding will be history.  But their real life will have only just begun.

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  1. T,

    I'm so blessed by your family.... even when you are so far away. I treasure the genuine-ness of your love for each other and the attitudes and perspectives you've helped instill in your children.

    Love you!