Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We've got a venue

Although a month ago I never would have believed it, we have a reception venue!  Devyn and I actually accomplished everything that we set out to do in August as far as the wedding goes.

Church booked?  Check!

Caterer found?  Check!

Perfect venue?  CHECK!

We weren't looking for an amazing, never-to-be-duplicated place to hold the reception.  We wanted a nice, clean open space that would accommodate the reception.  We wanted something that smelled good, didn't look worn or dirty. . .a place that didn't come with the caveat, "It looks so much better at night."

Thanks to a series of recommendations (friend from my homeschool group referred us to the caterer and the caterer referred us to this site), we found the perfect place.  Devyn was willing to settle for something less than perfect; at this point, she was okay with adequate.

But when we drove past this building, we both gasped.  It was perfect--exactly what both had been looking for, even though we didn't know it.  It's charming, clean and new, and it's reasonably priced.

When Devyn went back to view it officially, I was in New Jersey.  I was waiting with baited breath to hear from her, wondering if it lived up to our initial impressions and if it were still available on our date.

Happily, it did--and it was.  And as we looked at more pictures and talked, I was thrilled when Devyn told me, "I am in love with this venue!"  What a blessing that we found exactly what we wanted at a very reasonable rate.

In other wedding news, Devyn and Greg met with Father Carl last week.  It was apparently a good meeting, and they are both excited about their wedding at New Covenant.

And this week, we've been working on the wedding guest list.  Wow, that's harder than I had anticipated! I think it's more difficult because we live in Florida, and we can't definitely predict who will actually come down for the wedding and who won't.  We have hunches, of course. . .but we also have a list divided into three parts:  Definites, Possibles and Unlikelies.

And our last wedding chore this week will be meeting with a potential photographer--someone we are fairly certain that we will book.

It's been a good week to be a MOB!!

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